Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Could Canadian Gun Laws Have Made a Difference ?

Nobody legally buys a gun in Canada without first taking the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

 Then, they have to submit an application for a Personal Acquisition License (PAL), where they’re screened by the RCMP for risk factors such as criminal history and mental health. All of the shootings in this list involve what Canada classifies as restricted firearms: Handguns and many types of semi-automatic rifles that can only be legally owned for the purposes of target shooting. With very few exceptions, private firearms are not sold as weapons in Canada.

 The only legal reason for owning a firearm in Canada is as a tool to kill animals or as a piece of sporting equipment to shoot paper targets. This is in sharp contrast to the United States, where gun ownership is closely correlated with self-defence.

 Virtually every gun used in an American mass shooting is legally available for purchase in Canada. Despite this, Canada doesn’t come close to suffering the same rate of mass shootings as the United States.


Is an AR 15 legal in Canada?

 Under Canadian gun laws, the AR-15 is "restricted", meaning it's legal to own with a proper license, but it needs to be registered with the RCMP and can only be used on a firing range. ... There are already semi-automatic hunting rifles with similar specifications that are 'non-restricted' in Canada. June 17, 2016

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