Friday, 16 February 2018

Look Mom, i have met a new man ... and he is a Doctor

Falder had been a talented student at Cambridge University.
 BUT, while living a secret double life during years of study at Cambridge University, Dr Matthew Falder made children, young men and women photograph themselves in compromising positions and shared the material with other abusers interested in so-called "hurtcore", which depicts rape and abuse.

 He contacted hundreds of victims through marketplace websites such as Gumtree and would blackmail them with a "constant stream" of increasingly depraved requests, with one young girl forced to lick a used tampon and record herself holding racist and homophobic signs.

‘Child predator’ social experiment sends chilling realization of stranger danger.

 Watch this social experiment that has been viewed more than 22,000,000 times on YouTube and the video is sending a chilling message of the importance of children not talking to strangers online. Dave Carlin reports.

Child predators on the Internet:
 An online child predator is a person who uses the internet with the intention of contacting minors below the age of consent, soliciting sexual relations.

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